Il Dolce Valeggio
Il Dolce Valeggio


The dessert that any child in Valeggio has always wanted, a mixture of confectionery knowledge and chocolate delicacies and soft sponge cake filled.

The sweet side of Valeggio sul Mincio
Artisan wisdom in classic or mini format.
Dolce Valeggio is made of three layers of sponge cake, filled with vanilla butter cream and chocolate butter cream. The whole dessert is covered with soft chocolate icing.
Back in vogue with the event “Tortellini e Dintorni”, it is known by every authentic Valeggio’s citizen as a delicious and desired dessert, that has always been available in the bakeries since the 60s. The butter cream that composes it is quite "demonized" in modern bakery, which prefers lighter recipes, although it was the base of desserts from the 50s to the 90s.
Dolce Valeggio is available in both classic and tasty mini portions, to alternate with Torta delle Rose and Chocolate Tortellini.
We would like to thank Pasticceria Martini Flavio