CAA Guide
CAA Guide

Augmentative Alternative Communication

Thanks to the Veneto Region, CAA (Augmentative Alternative Communication) Guides have been created, designed for people with cognitive disabilities and autism, but also for the elderly and foreign people.

The brochure contains simple, highly readable texts, also suitable for people with mild dyslexia, supported by photographs that make it easier to understand and by pictograms, also called WLS symbols (Widgit Literacy Symbols), used to support children with specific learning disorders. learning, with cognitive difficulties and children with different mother tongues who are learning Italian.

A useful tool to make the beauties of our territory increasingly accessible and promote social inclusion.

The paper version is available at our IAT office, while the digital version can be viewed and downloaded at this link.

A project curated by #LiberoAccesso in collaboration with Auxilia, financed by the Veneto Region in collaboration with the IAT tourist office – Pro Loco Valeggio.