Il Tortellino di Valeggio
Il Tortellino di Valeggio


A treasure chest of very thin golden pasta enriched with a fragrant braised meat filling, made by hand in the traditional way.

Thin pasta filled with braised meat
A leading product of Valeggio’s tradition

The masterpiece of the local gastronomic tradition is the "Tortellini di Valeggio", in dialect "agnolin". Handmade individually using a thin sheet of pasta and a delicate meat filling, they are a must at any party or family gathering. You can eat them in melted butter with sage or in a bowl of broth at one of the many restaurants in the village, or buy them in the numerous pasta shops.

The recipe and origins of this dish are linked to tales and stories handed down from one generation to the next in the intimacy of the home. The origin of this true gem of local cuisine can be traced back to a legendfrom the end of the 14th century, written and illustrated by the master goldsmith Alberto Zucchetta. The legend tells the story of two lovers, Silvia the nymph and Captain Malco, who left a knotted yellow silk cloth on the banks of the RiverMincio as a pledge of their thwarted love.

And it is from this story that the most famous and fortunate name of the Tortellino di Valeggio is inspired. Thanks to the determination and perseverance of the Associazione Ristoratori(Association of Restaurateurs), the name has now become well-known and has conquered the most refined palates throughout Europe and parts of the world as "Il Nodo d'Amore" (The Love Knot).

Although it is linked to a tender love story, this tasty and popular product has become an important economic reality for the Valeggio community, which has cleverly cultivated not only the productive aspect but also the cultural and artisticone.

In addition to the classic tortellini with meat filling, you can also enjoytasty tortelli stuffed with seasonal vegetables, cheeses or imaginative combinations with game, fish and much more.

Nowadays, this product is linked to two very important events that attract thousands of visitors every year. We are talking about the much-awaited event on the third Tuesday in June: the Festa del Nodo d'Amore, an open-air dinner for 3,300 people, seated at a table more than 1 km long on the Ponte Visconteoin Borghetto, and the touring food and wine festival “Tortellini e Dintorni” (tortellini and surroundings), which takes place in September for three days in the streets of the historic centre, involving all the businesses of the town.