The Peach
The Peach


It ripens early, white or reddish-brown flesh, juicy and even texture. The Protected Geographical Indication on the foothills of the Veronese countryside.

One of the first fruit products of the Veneto region
Sweet and thirst-quenching, the fruit of the summer.

The Pesca di Verona P.G.I.(Protected Geographical Indications) is one of the first fruit products from the Veneto region to be granted Protected Geographical Indication status by the Ministry for its historical importance and quality. The Pesca di Verona peach has in fact been cultivated in the Verona area since Roman times and, more specifically, up to the shores of Lake Garda since 1500.

Today, the undisputed valueof the Nettarine di Verona (the nectarine) is one of the merits of the Ministry of Agricultural Affairs, which has awarded the entire production the Geographical Indication under Temporary Protection. The Gardaclimate and the intensive cultivation method maintains the unique status of a fruit that is the lifeblood of our territory.

With this in mind, this fresh, thirst-quenching, low-calorie productcan be found on the tables of restaurants throughout the province, which are committed to offering a selection of dishes dedicated to it on their menus.