Simone e Federico Righetti
Simone e Federico Righetti
In the heart of the Morainic Hills
The Simone and Federico Righetti farm is located in Santa Lucia dei Monti in the heart of the suggestive morainic hills

The mild and temperate climate and the strategic position in the Garda hinterland, where the sun and breezes carve out the right climate for luxuriant vegetation, are the decisive elements for the cultivation of the vines and the development of the aromatic characteristics of the grapes.
The study and enhancement of the territory have always been the main themes that characterize the work of the Righetti family: it is precisely from respect and love for the land that wines rich in flavors, aromas and colors are born.
The company invests more and more in the direct management of the vineyards, with the aim of experimenting and refining the best grape growing techniques and thus improving the quality of the raw material, an essential element for the production of high quality wines.
The grape varieties produced are those typical of the Verona area, among which Garganega, Trebbianello, Corvina, Rondinella stand out, flanked by other varieties such as Trebbiano Toscano, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio.
The cellar is equipped to be able to make wine distinctly from the numerous varieties of vines present in the company's land, thus allowing the enhancement of the aromatic potential of each of them.
Each processing phase is followed with the utmost respect for the wine, thanks to the most up-to-date technologies such as controlled fermentation at low temperatures and cold bottling in a sterile line.
A reality that bodes well and that for this reason tends to an ambitious project: to bring the image of the Simone and Federico Righetti farm to high levels while maintaining direct contact with the company in order to personally guarantee the quality of the product.