Tortellinoteca Remelli


Via Alessandro Sala, 24 – city center
Phone: 045 795 1630
Mail: [email protected]
Closed on Monday and Sunday evening

Ffrom the tradition to taste avant-garde
An intangible thread of wisdom handed down that passing from one generation to the next still tells us a story of quality, tradition and hospitality.

In an era in which purely agricultural activity can no longer offer great job prospects, Luciana and Guido decide to recover their peasant culture and above all the precious culinary teachings handed down by Nonna Mora to re-invent themselves, creating, in 1988, the Pastificio Remelli, a shop in which, today as then, Luciana and Guido pour with enthusiasm, ardor and enthusiasm, in crescendo, as in crescendo it is the Family that shares the management of this rustic cornerstone right in front of the Church.

The realization of the entire production is entrusted to the hands of twenty expert pasta makers. In addition to the tortellini, entirely hand-made, all the products boast the freshest ingredients, which go along with the succession of the different seasons.
The tortellino is the point of pride of the Pastificio Remelli, but an assortment, overall, choice, arouses interest and curiosity in every singular phase of the year. Salmon with squid ink pasta, porcini mushrooms essence, hare, cheese, walnuts, gorgonzola, Braised with Amarone pasta, basil and pine nuts, but also and above all a large pantry of very fresh dough such as bigoli, lasagna, pappardelle, gratin, morsels, pies and sandy and burrato desserts, complete with Torta delle Rose.
Possible tastings, and, always with pleasure, this innovative spur of tradition opens its laboratory to the public to satisfy the interest of the most curious about food crafts.