Nodo d'Amore
Nodo d’Amore


Via dei Partigiani, 8
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Tradition ad around the hearth
The love for fresh pasta was born in the home kitchen, where mother Renata prepared tortellini for her family

At Pastificio Nodo d’Amore, our Tortellini still today, as well as the tortelli, fresh pasta, filled pasta and all sweets and biscuits, are born from the inimitable homely care of a mother for her family. The secret is always the same: a careful selection of the best ingredients following the seasons, hand-made craftsmanship and ... lots and lots of passion.

And together with the King, stuffed with beef, pork, chicken and natural flavorings, there are, among the pallets, as luminaries of good taste, Tortelli with cheese, truffles, celery from Verona, baked lasagna, crepes, tagliatelle, bigoli al torchio, Caponsei, Passatelli and the typical, sultry flavor of desserts, from the Torta delle Rose to classic tarts.