Lessinia Natural Park
Lessinia Natural Park


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Breathtaking views, between Verona and the Baldo
A green paradise set between mountains and cities.

The Lessinia Regional Park, established in 1990, extends for over 10,000 hectares on the plateau of the Lessini Mountains and contains a surprising variety of natural, historical and archaeological valuable.

Spectacular are the karst phenomena and various natural monuments such as the abyss of the Spluga della Preta, among the deepest in Italy; the Covolo di Camposilvano, according to local tradition visited by Dante Alighieri when he was a guest of the Scaligeri in Verona, the "rock cities" as the Valley of the Sphinxes; the Bridge of Veja, an imposing natural bridge in rock between the largest and most beautiful in Europe, visited and represented in 1.474 by Mantegna in the Chamber of the Spouses of the Ducal Palace of Mantua.

Of exceptional interest is the Pesciara di Bolca, a cave in the gallery from which fossils dating back to about 50 million years ago (Eocene) known worldwide for their extraordinary state of conservation, and the Grotta ofFumane, extraordinary archive of the evolutionary history of man that documents the frequenting of the Neanderthal Man and the first Homo Sapiens.

The northernmost part of the plateau is marked by the presence of evidence of the Great War (trenches, tunnels and mule tracks) which are part of a defensive system extended over about 34 km. Do not miss the natural jewels such as the Forest of Folignani, the Forest of Giazza, the Forest of Valdadige with the Horn of Aquilio, the Molina waterfalls.

The Park includes a wide network of paths to walk, mountain bike or horse. The park also offers the possibility of winter sports.

Lessinia offers the opportunity to observe animals such as deer, chamois, marmots, foxes, weasels and squirrels as well as numerous species of wild birds.

To give gastronomic prestige to Lessinia we think of products such as wines of Valpolicella, Monte Veronese DOP cheese and various cheeses of malga and allevo, numerous fruit trees such as cherry and chestnut, strawberry crops, aromatic herbs, the precious honey, as well as beef, sausages and various sausages, all products that have received authorization to use the Park Mark.