La Taiadela
La Taiadela


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Great seasonal variety
With a wide seasonal variety, in the wake of tradition and craftsmanship, a product that is highly controlled in terms of freshness and authenticity is born.

Raw materials selected for their value give life to a highly nutritious dish, particularly suitable for children and adolescents, the fulcrum of the huge saga of Valeggiana cuisine, culminating in the typical Tortellino. The rigorous verification of each ingredient, the processing stages all aimed at complying with the principles of good hygiene practice, the absence of additives and preservatives give rise to a food that has no equal for the market.

In the company of the Tortellini di Valeggio, a disruptive banquet of various doughs is exalted. Spinach and ricotta, Ravioli with asparagus, herbs, courgettes, leeks; Summer Tortelloni with eggplant, rocket and basil; the pressing twilight of the goodness of fillings with porcini mushrooms, walnuts, hare, duck; and to finish the warm wrap of salmon, artichokes and red radicchio.

Local admirers always have the certainty of a top quality product, without the need for intermediaries.