Gatto Moro
Gatto Moro


Via Giotto, 21 – Loc. Borghetto
Phone: +39 045 6370570
Mail: [email protected]
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

Tradition and modernity by the Mincio river
Born in the early 1900s as a meeting place and tavern, today it is an appreciated reality of the Valeggiana restaurant.

The Gatto Moro Restaurant was born in the early 1900s as a tavern where on Sundays, in addition to a glass of wine, you could eat fried fish caught directly from the river. The other days it was a place of rest and meeting point. It was originally called "Black Cat", from the name of a mythical character who lived at the time of the wars of independence, who worked as a spy in the service of the Piedmontese. Today a fresh and equally well-known reality of the Val Gardian restaurant offers its customers a traditional and territorial menu, but still avant-garde.