Cycle Path E6/Eurovelo 7
Cycle Path E6/Eurovelo 7


Departure – Arrival:
Peschiera d/G – Mantua
Length of stretch: 45 km

From Peschiera to Mantova (Mantua)
From Peschiera to Mantova, clearings, woods and small lakes line the route of one of the most popular Eurobike routes between Veneto and Lombardy.

The starting point for this route is Borghetto sul Mincio, under the fortress of the Ponte Visconteo bridge, where you can choose whether to continue north, towards Peschiera del Garda, or south towards Mantova. If you choose the first route, a comfortable and easy surfaced path runs along the left bank of the Mincio, inspiring every visitor, large or small, with its spectacular route, lined by endless rows of poplars.

At the start there is a Percorso Salute (Fitness Trail), consisting of 12 stations equipped for total athletic training. Crossing the hydroelectric dam, on the banks of the river where Pope Leo I stopped Attila the Hun, you arrive straight at Lake Garda. There are no particular difficulties on the whole length of the route and everyone can do it: adults and children alike. It is also ideal for walking and roller-skating/blading.

As you move southwards, passing through the hilly area of Volta Mantovana and Pozzolo, the route tapers off in the direction of Mantova of the Gonzagas and, at the height of Marengo, takes on a livelier challenge on an unsurfaced track. The guided route at this pointleads to Goito, where there is a quick diversion to the interesting Parco delle Bertone. We then take the road that runs alongside the Mincio Diversivo canal, where it is possible to take a further diversion towards Bosco Fontana, one of the most important naturalistic areas in the Mantova area. The final section of the itinerary is made easier by a system of cycle paths that wind around the lakes of Mantova and lead straight into the heart of the city.

A 45 km itinerary which outlines the border between Veneto and Lombardy, sheltered from the summer heat and without any significant difference in altitude. It provides the enjoyment which every cyclist hopes for.