Custoza D.O.C.
Custoza D.O.C.


Savoury, muscular, almond note. A DOC with ancient origins, which has been modernised and refined over time, with its new White specification.

A golden white, a delicious wine
One of the most "challenged" wines, created at the beginning of the Risorgimento.

Bianco di Custoza is a white wine produced in the village of Custoza, Sommacampagna, mainly from Trebbiano Toscano, Garganega and Tocai Friulano grapes. Bianco di Custoza is characterised by its freshness and light fragrance, it is easy to drink and versatile with food. Some varieties produced from old or particularly selected vines are also appreciable after longer ageing.

The traditional blend of Bianco di Custoza enhances the local varieties such as Garganega, as well as non-native grapes that have found a suitable environment in this area, such as Trebbianello (Tocai Friulano) and Bianca Fernanda (Cortese), and other grapes grown in the area. Besides the traditional Custoza there is also Custoza Superiore, Custoza Spumante and Custoza Passito. It is a pleasant and fragrant wine, to be consumed young in order to fully appreciate its freshness. It goes well with shellfish and seafood dishes, first courses, fried and baked fish with aromatic herbs.