Corte Gardoni
Corte Gardoni
Century-old experience
In the heart of the morainic amphitheater, between fertile free, sandy hills and alluvial soil, a vocation with an impending, shrewd and tasty character is born

Corte Gardoni boasts a work of winemaking for almost forty years, with a centuries-old experience, dating back, through the blood of the ancestors of the Piccoli family, to the 17th century, in the Illasi Valley.
A precious heritage of native vineyards: Corvina, Garganega, Trebbiano, Cortese, Trebbianello, Black Berry of excellent quality and perfectly acclimatized, in an overall, universal presence of all the characteristic international varieties, complete with a plot sorted with Chardonnay. Initially sold to other wineries, the grapes, of enormous potential, began to be transformed directly in the company, with an immediate intervention to make the premises of the same company functional for the refining of the harvest.

The grandiose planting density, the breeding of alternating rows with green manure of mixtures to favor the remarkable fertility of the soil (also guaranteed by emergency irrigation systems, essential to save the plants from the water stress of increasingly frequent drought summers) the limited impact bestowed by the integrated defense against parasites and all the careful control of meteorological variables, pivot the quality of the raw material at an exceptional level.
In the 3500 hectolitre stainless steel wine vessels, articulated in an unusual way (cryomaceration of the grapes), as well as the Slavonian and Allier oak barrels, refine the sustained commitment of Custoza, Chiaretto, Fontane, Mael, Becco Rosso, Pradicà, Rosso di Corte and Fenili quality.