Chocolate Tortellini
Chocolate Tortellini


This actual chocolate sweet was created to pay homage to the Valeggio tradition from the first courses to dessert.

Tortellini from first courses to dessert
The sweet side of the tortellino from Valeggio

As with the meat Tortellino, the chocolate Tortellino is characterised by two separate preparations: the pastry and the filling.

The pastry

To make the pastry you need water, sugar and cocoa butter.
The water, sugar and cocoa butter are mixed and brought to the boil, then poured over the chopped chocolate
The mixture obtained is mixed until a molasses is obtained, which is poured and left to rest for 24 hours until completely cooled.
Once cooled, the mixture is refined twice a day for 5 days, which makes it elastic and suitable for processing.

The Filling

The recipe for the filling of the chocolate Tortellino (as for the meat one) varies according to the baker that makes it and each one jealously guards its secret.

The final part of the preparation of the chocolate Tortellino is just like that of the traditional tortellino and each chocolate is made exclusively by hand in a temperature-controlled laboratory, so as not to melt the thin layer of chocolate.

We would like to thankPasticceria Martini Flavio and in particular Luigi Martini and Maria Massagrande for the recipe.