Al Castello
Al Castello
Quality. Yesterday, today and tomorrow
In the shadow of the Scaligera fortress, in the beating heart of the historic village, quality has been the strong point of this corner of legend since 1993.

Pastificio Al Castello consecrates the classic archaic characteristics of natural ingredients without preservatives, of a completely handmade process, to an innate vocation for assortment and choice. Starting from the classic tortellino of Valeggio, a pledge of love from the Ninfa Silvia to the Knight Marco, made with double zero flour, semolina and eggs, the base of the thin and slightly rough dough, bundle of a filling of mixed browned and amalgamated meats, enhanced by the seasoning typical of melted butter and sage, unforgettable even in broth.

Continuing, then, with the tortelloni where the choice is really wide: the thick and tasty tortelli with pumpkin, with a heavy consistency mixed with the exquisite aversion to amaretti and mustard, also seasoned with melted butter. Or the overflowing density of ricotta and spinach, combined with basil, toasted pine nuts and fresh cherry tomatoes. Lemon and robiola to be combined with bread, asparagus and ricotta with melted butter, artichokes and red radicchio, black truffle seasoned with butter and flakes of the same tuber, Monte Veronese and roast potatoes, duck to be seasoned with butter and rosemary.

But also the raw material, fresh pasta, is worthy of value and dominates the shelves: from lasagna, baked, even vegetarian, to macaroni, to noodles of all shapes and tastes, to gnocchi of various types, up to the peculiar sweet delicacies of the setting, such as the Torta delle Rose, the sbrisolona, the peaches in syrup, all rigorously conceived and entrusted to hands of proven experience.