La Staffa
La Staffa


Località Ariano, 24
Phone: +39 045 7950204
Mail: [email protected]
Accommodation and breakfast

A green corner of peace
A green corner of peace, in the heart of the Morainic Hills.

Imagine waking up in the morning bathed in sunlight and in the serene silence of the countryside.
Imagine living in a still virgin corner of the world, where the noises of the city do not exist and where the only sound you can hear is the blowing of the wind over the green mantle of the Mincio valley.
Imagine visiting on horseback, places where time has not corrupted the peace and colors of nature. Welcome to La Staffa Farmhouse!

We are located in the ancient village of Ariano, among the suggestive Morainic Hills, which were the scene of the Wars of Independence in 1800, which still echo today on these gentle hills.