Corte Mamaor
Corte Mamaor


Località Monte Mamaor, 16
Phone: +39 045 6337008
Mail: [email protected]

The house of "vino delle dame"
The "Wine of the Ladies" finds its home in the evocative views of a farm as it once was

Art and sensitivity acquired by tradition, with a deliberate, heartfelt, selection of the grapes made exclusively by hand, refined by technical skills that only the past can guarantee, refine the production of a wide range of fragrant white wines and rubinastri with fruity sensations, both obtained from wisely vinified grapes, in synthesis between the nodal invieire of tradition and the need, worldly, tenacious, of actuality. Garganega, Custoza, Garda Merlot, Bardolino, Corvina, Veneto Corvina and tasty Cabernet; The delicate scent of the inimitable Baccarossa Rosato, together with the sonorous and Argentine sustain of the exclusive De Luigi or the more classic Brut, brush on a canvas of innate lift the founding intentions of Corte Mamaor, bordering on the most absolute prerogative and a maddening care of product.