The Bridge and the River
The Bridge and the River


Fundraising dinner organized by Ass. Save The Bridge and Rest. La Vecchia Bottega

Wooden bridge and via M. Buonarroti, 8.00 pm

Monday 29th July
The Bridge and the River

Save The Bridge Association and La Vecchia Bottega di Borghetto Restaurant are pleased to invite the whole community to participate in the event "The Bridge and the River", an evening of conviviality and solidarity dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Visconti Bridge of Borghetto. This event is part of the Project 1, which aims to maintain this historic structure through fundraising, essential for the preservation of our cultural heritage and a valuable resource for future generations.

Program of the evening:
- 20:00 - Welcome and introduction to the event.
- 20:30 - Dinner: An outdoor meal with a selection of traditional dishes prepared by the Chef of the Vecchia Bottega di Borghetto. Dinner will be served on tables along the Wooden Bridge and via Michelangelo, creating a magical and evocative atmosphere.
- 22:00 - Presentation of Project 1: Intervention by the Board of Directors of the Save The Bridge Association, which will explain the phases of the Visconti Bridge maintenance project and the tax benefits for donors.
- 23:00 - Closing of the Event: Conclusion of the evening and final thanks.

Tickets will also be available in advance at the Pro Loco Office from 10 to 20 July.

Cost: 70 € per person.

The places are limited.

For more information: [email protected]