Tennis Club Goito
Tennis Club Goito


Strada Pedagno, 80 – Goito (MN)
Phone: +39 376 604133
Mail: [email protected]

A valuable provincial circle since 1968
The thirty-year history of the Goito tennis club is the story of a small provincial club

The sports center tennis club Goito includes:

  • 1 sports hall with multifunctional artificial resin playing surface and grandstand for 150 seats
  • 2 gyms
  • 1 indoor tennis/soccer field with fixed laminated wood structure and multifunctional artificial turf playing surface
  • 1 tennis court/indoor football pitch with mobile structure in a pressure ball and synthetic grass playing surface
  • 2 outdoor tennis courts in clay and grandstand for 80 seats
  • meeting room, bar and green area

All sports facilities are equipped with lighting.

At the sports center you can practice, in addition to tennis, other sports such as volleyball, soccer, tambourine, artistic gymnastics, aerobics, strengthening and maintenance, dance school.

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