Sigurtà Garden Park
Sigurtà Garden Park


Via Cavour, 1 – Valeggio s/M
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Open from March to November

The most beautiful 60 hectares in the world
Parco Giardino Sigurtà is a world-renowned botanical and naturalistic wonder.

Its endless areas of green are accompanied by breathtaking seasonal blooms, such as the now famousTulipanomania in March and April, when over a million bulbs blossom into spectacular colours. Then there is the "Viale di trentamila rose (the Avenue of Thirty Thousand Roses), which covers more than a kilometre of promenade in May, below the imposing backdrop of the Castello Scaligero (which rises outside the Park but seems to be inside it thanks to a special optical effect.) In the summer, hundreds of water liliesand lotus flowers, water hibiscus and papyrus all flourish in the eighteen ponds, painted with knowledge and skill. Panoramic promenades, lawns and stunning views all distinguish this nature park, named in 2013 as the Parco Più Bello d’Italia (Italy’s Most Beautiful Park) and in 2015 as the Second Most Beautiful Park in Europe. The 40th year of its opening to the public was celebrated in 2018.

Il Labirinto (The Maze), which first opened in the summer of 2011 after six years of hard work, is now one of the most popular attractions for both young and old. Originally a project by Count Giuseppe Inga Sigurtà in collaboration with Adrian Fisher, one of the most famous international maze designers, this "green" creation houses 1500 yew plants, which form a path in an area of 2500 square metres. At the centre stands a tower inspired by the one in the Bois de Boulogne parks in Paris: from here you can admire its pattern and enjoy a fantastic view of the Giardini Acquatici (Water Gardens) and the Grande Quercia (Great Oak) which, at 400 years old, is one of the oldest trees in the Park. Other features are: the Castelletto, the Meridiana Orizzontale (sundial), the Pietra della Giovinezza (Stone of Eternal Youth) and the Eremo.

Nowadays Giuseppe and Magda, Carlo's grandchildren and Enzo's children, continue the work with great passion and dedication to make the natural and cultural heritageof the Parco Giardino Sigurtà known to all, especially to the younger generations.

The Garden can be explored on foot, in electric golf-carts, sight-seeing trains or by bicycle.

We inform visitors that on April 1th, April 25th and May 1st 2024, entry will be limited and possible only with the purchase of online tickets on, subject to availability.