Il Serraglio


Corte Serraglio, 47/G, Via Corte Pietà
Phone: +39 045 6300887
Mail: [email protected]
Accommodation and food


Surrounded by beech and oak forests
Agriturismo Il Serraglio is located near Valeggio sul Mincio in the center of the small and picturesque valley of the Tione river, surrounded by beech and oak woods.

The Il Serraglio farmhouse offers a restaurant service, with two characteristic internal rooms and a summer garden, where you can taste typical dishes of Italian cuisine. Each dish is prepared with seasonal ingredientscoming directly from our garden; they also use local products still prepared in the "old way". We offer typical dishes of the Italian and Veronese tradition handed down by ancient culinary customs, which will allow you to rediscover the authentic flavors of the healthy and good cooking of the past.

The farmhouse so immersed in nature and surrounded by the morainic hills guarantees a highly relaxing holiday, restoring both body and mind The farmhouse has three comfortable rooms, characterized by a rustic atmosphere with exposed beams and built to take advantage of a pleasant and lovely stay. There are also four large apartmentsof various sizes on several levels, with numerous beds, comfortable, equipped with all the facilities for a pleasant stay. Everyone enjoy a wonderful view of the Seraglio court.