Sapori di Valeggio
Sapori di Valeggio
Tradition in the heart of Valeggio
Little gems of flavor, between craftsmanship and modernity

Our tortellini are produced in a small laboratory in the artisan area of Valeggio, but you can also find our store in the historic center. A female pasta factory, led by the young Veronica, owner of the company, and by the expert hands of Enza.

In the kitchen, Signora Enza prepares the recipes for the delicate filling that makes the Sapori di Valeggiotortellini 'rich inside'. The choice of raw materials and their dosage is the result of a long experience in the best restaurants in the country. The best selected ingredients, cooked with passion and wisdom, are then enclosed in a very thin sheet, then knotted according to tradition.

In addition to the Tortellino di Valeggio made without, the laboratory also produces tortelloni, fresh pasta and the original risellino. Tradition and innovation meet in our laboratory as evidenced by the birth of the organic line with the creation of the first certified organic Tortellino di Valeggio.