Pezzini Albino
Pezzini Albino


Casa Bertagni, 13
Phone: +39 045 6301007
Mail: [email protected]

A temple of Bacchus
A temple of Bacchus clinging to the hills of Santa Lucia, a lively resource of a wine with fascinating and popular tones

The cultivation of vines is an art handed down for three generations at Cantina Pezzini, ascended a century ago by the generation of Mr. Angelo, a precursor to passing on secrets of cultivation and winemaking.

Respect for nature and its biological cycles, the knowledge of technique, the passion of the spirit, are all disruptive emblems of one of the most long-lived and renowned reality within the local dimension of a territory full of gems. Le Greste, Custoza or Bardolino, Rosè Spumante and CaBertagne Extra-Dry certify a focal commitment, aimed at giving attention and creative insight to immutable and inimitable wine qualities.