Thermal Park Villa dei Cedri
Thermal Park Villa dei Cedri


Piazza di Sopra, 4 – Colà (VR)
Phone: +39 045 7590988
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A place of relaxation and lush nature
Immerse yourself in thermal lakes among ancient plants

The Thermal Park of Garda "Villa dei Cedri" is a "natural SPA" of 13 hectares surrounded by rare plants and secular trees where there are lakes pools with hydromassage, fountains and waterfalls, all with hot thermal water that flows from two aquifers to 200 and 160 meters deep.

The Park offers facilities and services ideal for the well-being of body and mind.

In the Main Lake and in the Swimming Pool the temperature of the thermal water is maintained around 33-34 degrees with pools that reach up to 37-39 degrees. In the Small Lake the temperature is lowered around 29-30 degrees to differentiate the bathing offer.

The water of the Thermal Park of Villa dei Cedri is composed of salt, calcium and magnesium with a significant disilicic presence, as well as other minerals. It is an alkaline water with a very high ph, around 7.9, with anti-inflammatory effects.

The Thermal Park of Garda - Villa dei Cedri wanted to be at the forefront bringing innovation to the concepts of classic termalism, putting it at the service of wellness and health by combining the beneficial and therapeutic properties of thermal water with motor protocols of specific exercises and physiotherapy activities.