Museum Nicolis
Museum Nicolis


Viale Postumia – Villafranca (VR)
Phone: +39 045 6303289
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Cars, motorbikes and bicycles
Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics

Museo Nicolis is not a traditional museum but rather a spectacular and very modern container of culture and ideas. It is called "Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics", located in Villafranca di Verona.

The founder: Luciano Nicolis, an entrepreneur from Verona who brought his great passion for technology and mechanics to this work.
The museum tells, through hundreds of cars, motorcycles and bicycles, the evolution of transport in the last two centuries. But there is much more in this Museum-non-museum: cameras and for writing, musical instruments, objects that cannot be found.

It’s one of the most prestigious private museums in Italy and Europe. Open to various forms of innovation and experimentation, it is a lively promoter of culture and a point of attraction for the entire territory. Managed with managerial criteria, it is recognized as an effective and concrete example of Museum-Enterprise, that is, an unconventional cultural institution that promotes knowledge and innovation without losing sight of growth and development objectives.

A company aimed at enhancing culture in the most current and exciting interpretation of "heritage”, that is, of those values and that cultural heritage that tells - also through objects - the story of people, of work, of relationships, of the territory, of the society that past generations have created for those of the future.
For this reason, the Nicolis Museum tells the life of a man, Luciano Nicolis who distinguished himself for his entrepreneurial work and for his great love for vintage cars, tells the story of our country, and all those people who have worked for its development.