La Vecchia Bottega
La Vecchia Bottega di Borghetto


Via M. Buonarroti, 6 – Loc. Borghetto
Phone: +39 045 6370183
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Always open

Veronese dishes and homemade pasta
Since 1912 he has exhibited at his counter a triumph of tortelli of various tastes and colors, a rich assortment of cheeses, cured meats and desserts all of their production

Pasta producer

La Vecchia Bottega is also gastronomy: it is in fact possible to buy local products, prepared in a genuine way according to the peasant tradition. In addition to the stuffed pasta, including the Tortellini di Valeggio, the Mini Tortelli di Faraona, the sweet pumpkin, the crown pasta with the Lessinia truffle, the pheasant, the wild boar with cocoa, the crab in black, the shop also prepares “Capunsei”, typical of the Volta Mantovana area, lasagna, tagliatelle, gnocchi, meats, fish in sauce, tripe, soups and desserts. Followed with passion and creativity by Francesco, Chef of the restaurant, the pasta factory offers itself both for retail sale and for home delivery.


An elegant restaurant that for more than a hundred years has offered typical dishes of the local tradition, in particular: tortellini from Valeggio, tortelli with pumpkin, ricotta and spinach and with truffles, cake with roses and sbrisolona. In summer it is possible to have lunch or dinner on the porch overlooking the waters of the Mincio river.