La seconda via


The first film about the retreat of Russia, directed by A. Garilli, young director living in Valeggio

Smeraldo Theatre, 8.30 pm

Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th February
La seconda via, a film by Alessandro Garilli

"La seconda via" is the first film about the retreat of Russia, fought by the Alpine troops on 26 January 1943, which costed the lives of thousands of men.

The film is directed by Alessandro Garilli, young director living in Valeggio.

World War II, Russian front. Sergeant Bisi’s Company 604 is facing the hell of crossing the steppe at temperatures close to -40 ºC. The incessant snowstorm hinders the view of the surrounding landscape; Bisi struggles to control his men who follow him making their way into the snow that reaches them at the knees.
Ci sono Zaina (Simone Coppo) e Prati (Sebastiano Bronzato), seguiti da Artico (Stefano Zanelli) che si fa aiutare da Ferri (Nicola Adobati) perché non riesce nemmeno più a reggere il suo zaino. With them the poor mule Remagio, who hardly carries a sled with Lieutenant Sala.
Everyone else didn’t make it. The six survivors fight with all their strength to get to the village of Popowka and escape to the encirclement of the enemy they feel closer and closer.
Once night has fallen, the Alpini who have reached their limits lose touch with reality. They cross woods, valleys, lakes and fields like in a dream. The lysergic effect of the cold and disorientation given by the dark brings them on a second way.

The film is dedicated to the Alpini and their families, and will be released on the occasion of the 80th of the Russian Retreat of 1943 and the first National Day of Remembrance and Sacrifice of the Alpini.

Tickets € 6 - reduced € 5

Event organized by the Municipality of Valeggio sul Mincio and Pro Loco Valeggio.