La Chiusina
La Chiusina


Via Raffaello Sanzio, 22 – loc. Borghetto
Phone: +39 348 6518823
Mail: [email protected]
Open every day

Between land and water, taste avant-garde
A terrace overlooking the river, for a romantic and unforgettable dinner.
The restaurant was born inside the prestigious and luxurious Regia Rosetta Royal Rooms, in the center of Borghetto, a hamlet of Valeggio Sul Mincio, one of the most beautiful and characteristic villages of the Verona province and a sought-after tourist destination reached by millions of people every year and offers sea and lake.
The protagonists of our cuisine are dishes where the vegetable component is not reduced to a simple side dish or a useful supporting role, but becomes an essential element of tasty and very centered preparations thanks to a skilful play of cooking and different textures.
La Chiusina is a restaurant that offers its customers a rich selection of seafood and freshwater fish dishes, but above all vegan and vegetable specialties, masterfully prepared by the skilled hands of expert and creative chefs, who every day select with great care and pay attention to every single ingredient that will be part of the dishes included in the menu.
Along with seafood and freshwater fish specialties, the La Chiusina restaurant specializes in vegetable and vegan cuisine: if the first focuses mainly on not using meat and fish, the second completely excludes foods of animal origin, such as eggs, milk and derivatives, but without sacrificing taste.


Some of the vegetable and vegan dishes offered by the restaurant include local specialties from the Verona area, expertly revised and corrected to suit everyone's tastes.
Add to all this a super-selection of fine Italian and foreign winesand that's it.