Kisoro Sushi
Kisoro Sushi


Via Goito, 31 – City center
Phone: +39 045 8941099
Mail: [email protected]
Closed on Mondays

The taste of Japanese cuisine
The right food at the right time.

Kisoro Sushi is a restaurant where tradition and creativity combine perfectly to offer customers beautiful dishes, but above all good.

The great care in the choice of raw materials and their combination allow you to create dishes with a unique flavor, in which the exaltation of each single ingredient goes perfectly with the others, for an overall result that will leave you satisfied, for the maximum pleasure of sight and palate.

Kisoro is the ideal place for those looking for a restaurant that, while operating with the "All you can Eat" formula, does not give up the taste for beauty and essential elegance, typical of Japanese tradition and culture.