Il Buon Tortellino
Il Buon Tortellino


Via M. Massagrande 26 – Salionze
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An history that becomes tradition
This corner of taste honors a family tradition that began in the early 1960s and has lasted until today

Nonna Giulia and Nonno Gianni, Pezzini, began to cook, in the early 60s, for a wider audience than the family one, immediately obtaining positive acclaim for their traditional recipes such as those of the great heritage that are the Tortellini di Valeggio, tortelli of pumpkin, tasty baked lasagna and cod. Recipes and passion then passed on to the children Laura and Nicola who already wandered around the restaurant kitchen as children.

Since 2012, the new generation has realized, with impetus and enthusiasm, the desire to create a place whereIl Buon Tortellino can be promoted and sold, continuing to cook their parents' recipes but also proposing new expedients developed in twenty years of experience as restaurateurs. Goodness such as pickled vegetables, sweet and sour aubergines, various tortelli that follow the season, sauces, main courses and delicious jams. All done strictly by hand.