Al Re del Tortellino
Al Re del Tortellino


Pasta producer: Via S.Rocco 25-0457950523
Restaurant: Via Roma, 1 – 045 7952415
Mail: [email protected]
Restaurant closed on Mondays

Quality and genuineness in every dish
A Restaurant where quality and genuineness in every dish


After 35 years serving the tradition of Tortellini di Valeggio sul Mincio, the Bignotti family has decided to satisfy the many requests and to open a restaurant where "Quality and Genuineness" reign supreme in every dish. From 2015 the new "Al Re del Tortellino" restaurant is ready. We bake our quality in every dish, in every detail, because our gourmet friends are important.

With us we do not only nourish ourselves, but we take a journey into flavors, aromas, genuine tradition.

We are closed on Mondays, but we are waiting for you every remaining day of the week, and if you book you will be sure that you can find the table you want.

Pasta Factory

The success of the production was born in the Laboratory, that Room of the Throne of the King of Tortellino, which is the real "Kitchen", populated, animated, with intentions of respecting the highest standards of quality and hygiene, required for fresh pasta products. , without altering the characteristic artisan connotation typical of each product in the shadow of this throne. Today, close to celebrating the 35th year of activity, we have remained faithful guardians of the original method of leafing through pasta and making our Tortellini unique and genuine, only for connoisseurs. In fact, the skilled work of the Pasta Makers cannot be replaced by a machine, so in the Tortellini gifts you will always find a rough filling, which captures the palate. A very thin pastry that caresses the flavor of the filling. A careful daily production, with selected raw materials.