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    The main food product of our tradition is tortellini: a thin sheet of pasta filled with delicate meat and closed. The recipe and the handwork has been transmitted from mother to daughter for generations.
    This dish is a must on our tables, served in every party or gastronomic event in Valeggio. It became increasingly popular and point of interest for tourists
    The birth of tortellini refers to an ancient medieval legend called the “Love Knot”.
    It tells the story of two lovers Silvia and Malco that couldn’t stay together because they belonged to different worlds. Silvia gives Malco a silk handkerchief that they tied as symbol of their eternal love. The legend says that women wanted to remember the story of the lovers cooking a thin sheet of pasta, cut like an handkerchief and filled with something. Every year in Valeggio there is the “Feast of Love Knot”: a great dinner served in a long table on the Visconteo Bridge where you can eat the best tortellini of Valeggio.

    Other traditional products are fresh seasonal vegetables like peach and kiwi, and our local wines: Bianco di Custoza and Bardolino DOC with their sweet and fruity flavors.


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